Our Features

School features which are represented on our web portal for easy navigation, brief insight of our services, standard, code of conduct and norms. Tour and get a better understanding of our school system.

Library And Study

Our school library represents different levels of our academic system, from the pre-school to the college level. Our library has internet facilities for adequate learning and books that bring the best out of young minds.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers and their specializations. The criteria for becoming a teacher in our great institution. The quality of the teachers determine our output.

Online Learning

Internet and internet facilities play a very vital role in mordern education. E-learning is incoporated in our delivery.


Sports keep ones mind focused and healthy. Our school encourages children's participation in different types of sporting activities which help to balance their academics.

Videos of Events

These are short clips of important activities which took place in the school and coverage of special events that can help in encouraging our students' academic perfomances

Photo Gallery

Collection of beautiful photos of our past events, students and staff. You can tour round and view.


For admission and admission related matters, you can be enlightened. Forms can also be purchased online.


Academic timetable of the school, is specially designed for each level which facilitates easy access of information concerning academics

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